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City of Dallas Adopts New Economic Development Policy

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May 27, 2021


The Dallas City Council passed its new Economic Development Policy on Wednesday, May 26. The Policy will begin with a one-year transition period by which the City of Dallas will put in place processes and infrastructure to support the decade-long Policy implementation.

“This is a historic moment for the City of Dallas and its residents as this Policy creates equitable access to economic prosperity for all,” said City Council Member Tennell Atkins, District 8. “For too long, residents south of I-30 have not benefitted from the economic boom that has rippled throughout the region. Passing this Policy sends a strong signal to these communities, we hear you, we support you, and we want you to not only succeed but thrive.”

The Policy is a powerful and proactive mechanism that supports hyper-local investments, new job creation, corporate relocation, the tool needed to foster resilient and prosperous communities.

“This is the beginning of a new journey for the City of Dallas. We are excited about the work that lies ahead, eager to begin, and look forward to continuing engaging and incorporating feedback from all stakeholders. This Policy envelops community development into the fold of our economic development toolkit,” said Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services Dr. Eric A. Johnson. “It brings the city one step closer toward fostering an equitable economic landscape and socially progressive Dallas. I want to thank the City Council for its support and City staff for their tireless work in putting together this strategy.”

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