ESG Factors

Learn about our environmental, social, and governance factors, and how we bring those values and City Council policies to life with bonds, sustainable projects, and impactful programs.

About Our Program

The City of Dallas environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are consistently aligned with City Council policies and integrated through City programs, projects, and financial management. The City's policy makers and administration continuously seek to mitigate ESG risks with impactful policies and strategic budgetary management, including bond program propositions that address key ESG factors such as environmental quality, flood protection, homelessness, government infrastructure, and safety. 

The City Council adoption of Dallas’ first Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan and first Racial Equity Resolution are a few ways the City is creating opportunities for change and mitigating environmental risks, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the City. The City of Dallas is also leading the effort on the development and construction of a Cyber Fusion Center, a regional threat center for municipalities across the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, to unify security functions such as threat intelligence, security orchestration, and incident response.

More information on the City’s ESG factors is available on this page or throughout the Investor Relations website, denoted by a green leaf icon.